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Experienced. Resourceful. Diligent.

Experienced. Resourceful. Diligent.

Using Mediation To Resolve Disputes Calmly

Family law disputes can become ugly very quickly. At Nguyen Offices, PLLC, we try to keep matters as calm and civil as possible. To accomplish this, we frequently use mediation as a method of dispute resolution.

Our founding attorney, Vy Nguyen, has nearly 15 years of experience in Texas family law. She has represented hundreds of clients in mediation, achieving favorable outcomes in asset division, spousal maintenance, child custody and many other issues. We combine our strength and skill with a deep well of compassion during what is often a difficult time.

Why Use Mediation?

In mediation, you and your lawyer sit down with the other party and a neutral mediator. Working together, you develop compromises to sensitive family legal problems.

Mediation is an excellent tool for many divorce issues and custody disputes. It offers several advantages over a courtroom battle. These include:

  • Maintaining amicable relationships between parties
  • Reducing legal fees
  • Having more control over the outcome
  • Keeping matters private

Granted, mediation is not for everyone. It does not work for couples whose communication has broken down to the point that they cannot compromise. Sometimes, a trial is necessary if neither party can agree on a resolution. But if you and your ex or co-parent can work through your differences, mediation is an excellent alternative to traditional litigation.

Discuss How We Can Use Mediation To Help You

Are you interested in discussing whether mediation is right for you? We are happy to speak with you in a free initial consultation. You can request a virtual meeting or you can sit down with us at one of our locations in Houston, Conroe or Austin. To get in touch with us, please call 832-862-7301 or send us an email. We offer services in English, Spanish and Vietnamese.